Commercial Solar Energy Solutions that make financial sense

Every business and building is different, from high-rises and factories to parking garages and hospitals, and each one needs a custom solution when converting to Solar Energy solutions.Go Green Sun is a solutions-based company. We utilize expert engineers and building managers who will work with your team to find the best solutions with the least amount of disruption and the largest return-on-investment.

Go Green Sun can:

  • Discover and Analyse your current and/or anticipated Power usage and costs
  • Assist you in determining and applying for all available Tax and Cost incentives
  • Conduct and apply research and development
  • Create solutions for powering your facilities with Solar power and storage
  • Invent unique ways to power properties with renewable energy
  • Incorporate cutting-edge technology Integrate and apply custom manufacturing
  • Provide and install expert eco-friendly interior illumination and lighting, from offices to expansive spaces
  • Provide and install exterior illumination and lighting, from parking lots and shopping plazas to skyscrapers.

By the numbers:

A 2-megawatt solar array farm can generate enough electricity to power more than 200 homes annually. It consists of 6,138 photovoltaic panels on 6.5 acres. It produces, on average, 2.3 million kilowatt-hours per year—or 3.2 percent of the facilities' electricity total. Anticipated to reduce company's carbon footprint by 400 metric tons annually.